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About Us

Legacy Apartment Staffing delivers dynamic staffing solutions to fill gaps in the apartment industry. We were founded in 2023 by John Modlin and his wife, Vicki. John, a successful business owner with over 20 years of experience in the industry, is highly regarded in the industry and has served as the past president of the Southern California Rental Housing Association, an NAA Lyceum Graduate, and an officer at large with the National Supplier Council.

At Legacy Apartment Staffing, we take pride in building meaningful relationships with our clients and staff. We are committed to delivering unmatched service and tailored solutions and are dedicated to making a difference in the apartment industry. We are driven to ensure our clients and staff thrive. As your staffing and recruiting partner in success, you can trust us to provide the knowledge and support needed to succeed.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Legacy Apartment Staffing, our mission is clear – we work diligently to transform and connect our clients with the best talent. With decades of experience, our team operates with the utmost integrity and actively listens to the needs of both our clients and candidates. Our dedication to quality and excellence is reflected in the results we achieve.

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John Modlin
Vicki Modlin
Monica Begg
VP Business Development
Erin Schindel
Sales Manager

Ramona Chavez
Staffing Manager

Suite of Services

leasing | Maintenance | management

Temp | Temp-to-Hire

Discover an efficient, cost-effective, and simplified recruitment approach with our temp and temp-to-hire services
START Your ideal Candidate immediately

Payroll Services

You can count on a seamless and efficient payroll process that ensures compliance with all regulations and minimizes errors, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on the operations of your business
management | Executive | vendor sales

National Direct Hire Recruiting

Leverage Our Expertise to Source and Identify Highly Qualified Direct Hire Candidates while Saving time investments and money


Discover an easier recruitment and hiring process with our Temp service:

  • We offer comprehensive solutions ranging from payroll to background checks to onboarding.
  • As a hiring manager, you can find temporary or long-term candidates who can quickly assimilate into your team, with guaranteed replacements if necessary.
  • The result is an efficient, cost-effective, and simplified recruitment approach.


With our Temp-to-Hire approach, we’ve simplified the recruitment process by allowing you to transition great candidates into full-time staff members, streamlining your recruitment efforts to build a strong team. Starting a candidate in a temporary position enables you to assess the candidate’s skills and fit within your company culture before committing to a permanent hire, saving you time and money in the long run and ensuring you retain the best talent for your team.

Payroll Services

By outsourcing your payroll processing to our team, you can benefit from our expertise and knowledge in handling payroll-related responsibilities, such as processing paychecks, calculating taxes, and keeping up-to-date records.

We provide timely reporting to relevant authorities, ensuring full compliance with all applicable regulations, guidelines, and standards. If you want to talk specifics, reach out today!

National Direct Hire Recruiting

Our Recruiters carry a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sourcing and identifying top talent for your organization, ranging from onsite to corporate-level positions. You save time and money as we provide you with a ready pool of highly qualified candidates from our broad network and proven outreach talent. Furthermore, we help filter through the mass of resumes that come in and ensure that only the candidates who are the right fit are presented for consideration.

Raving Endorsements

“Legacy Apartment Staffing has brought us some wonderful temp-to-hire candidates! John did an amazing job working quickly and found exactly what we were looking for!”

Hannah Newton-Lockard
Regional Manager
Bell Partners Inc.

“I decided to return to the industry after eight years away. I saw an ad for a job fair and signed up. From the moment I met Erin and Emily, they were supportive and helpful. They saw my strengths and were excited to work with me. The Legacy Team has been easy to communicate and work with. I started working on short-term assignments and accepted a long-term assignment in October, and it’s been going amazing. I am so grateful I answered the job fair ad and met Erin and Emily. Easily the best decision I’ve made all year.”

Gabriel Gallegos

“Erin and Legacy staffing are amazing. I was looking for part-time work, and Erin did her best to find me work close to home—very attentive company. I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for work in the apartment industry.”

Daniel Robert Summers


Corporate Office

John Modlin, CEO
864-990-1859 | 619-387-5530 – cell
[email protected]

Vicki Modlin, President
[email protected]

Regional Offices

San Diego, CA
Erin Schindel, Sales Manager
[email protected]

Ramona Chavez, Staffing Manager
[email protected]

South Carolina
Monica Begg, VP of Business Development
864-386-9002 – cell
[email protected]

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